• Wireless Network Installations

    Wireless Network Installations

Indoor, point to point wireless and wireless bridge installations

Our wireless network installations offer the most reliable technology and manufacturer level support. We use the industry’s latest solutions, alongside decades of installation experience. Our wireless network installations provide our customers with:

  • Easier access to the information they need
  • Faster response times
  • An improved network infrastructure
  • Faster collaboration and productivity
  • A network for the future
  • Indoor wireless network installation

    Our indoor wireless network installations use pioneering equipment from Ruckus Wireless. This offers outstanding capacity, range and eliminates interference. With patented Beamflex technology from Ruckus:

    • Your access points will always receive the best connection and highest throughput
    • You get so much more than off-the-shelf consumer grade products
    • You enable network-wide management that takes no time to set up, adapt or adjust to your needs

    We also offer wireless network services including site surveys, zone planning and expert advice on which type of set-up is best for you. Find out more about Ruckus Wireless by watching the video below.

    Coupled with Ruckus technology we have also developed our own unique four-step and 100% coverage guaranteed system to ensure your wireless network installation meets the highest expectations:

    Step 1. Survey

    We map out the radio frequency coverage and capacity of your intended area to ensure the best results.

    Step 2. Design

    The wireless network we design factors in scalability for future growth including: coverage, capacity, security and redundancy.

    Step 3. Implementation

    Our experienced wireless network installers will work with you to install your network with little or no disruption to your business and show you how to maintain it.

    Step 4. Survey - Post installation

    Post the implementation phase we will perform a final wireless site survey. This ensures we have provided the coverage and capacity you require.
  • Point to point wireless network installation and design

    If you require connectivity between multiple locations such as headquarters, branch offices, suppliers or customers, our point to point wireless design and installation services are ideal. With the adoption of converged services like video, voice and data, these remote connections often require both increased bandwidth and also quality of service to safeguard data for time-sensitive applications.

    Whilst some of these services are available using modern WAN technology, they always come at a premium both in terms of installation and rental costs. Despite being delivered as a copper pair or fibre, these connections are normally only given a contractual service level agreement of 99.97% availability. These expensive leased lines can often be replaced by a single capital cost wireless bridge link which will:

    • Provide more bandwidth and greater availability (99.995%)
    • In most cases, generate a return on investment in as little as 12 months
  • Wireless bridge as a leased line replacement

    Leased lines are often very expensive to install and have high operating costs. Unless you already have fibre connected to your building then you will need to get fibre installed from the nearest point of presence (PoP). This involves digging a trench and laying an armoured glass fibre cable between the two locations.

    The costs of doing these civil works is usually over £100 a metre in city locations. Urban areas require road closures, permits, traffic control, and repair bills to existing infrastructure such as drains. Therefore, the capital expenditure required for a wireless bridge is a fraction of the cost, saving time and budget. We offer a variety of wireless bridges that provide:

    • Gigabit full duplex connectivity (rapidly deployed, fully supported and licenced from under £10,000)
    • Multi-mile connectivity
    • 5 nines availability (99.999% uptime)
North Hertfordshire College said...

North Hertfordshire College said...

"This was not a standard install yet the solution is robust, it meets our requirements and overcomes challenging environmental conditions. What we have now is so much better than before. The Cabling Company are always there for us and we would not hesitate in recommending them."

Head of IT, North Hertfordshire College

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