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When the business wireless isn’t working…a day in the life of an IT Manager

Walking into work and expecting to just get on with the day – sending emails, using company systems, using the internet – is just a given. We expect the technology to just work and when it doesn’t, we’re left wondering what to do and how long it will be before we can all get back to business as usual.

 Think about your IT Manager on a day when the business wireless stops working. They will be expecting to get to their desk to plough their way through their list of things to do, yet as soon as they walk through the door they are bombarded with support calls from employees who can’t get online or send any emails. This is when your IT Manager will feel the pressure to get things sorted as soon as possible, in order to get your business back up and running. Here’s the process your IT Manager will go through when your wireless isn’t working.

 1. They will make checks

When your business wireless isn’t working your IT Manager will start to receive a few calls from employees wondering if the problem is their computer or the wireless connection. He will then check the company’s power supply and broadband provision. If this is all working, he/she will make their way to the relevant cabinet to check that the ports are connected properly. This could take minutes or sometimes hours.

2. They will use cables

If your IT Manager still can’t get the employees’ wireless connection to work, they give them a cable to enable them to hard connect to the internet and company systems. This is not an ideal permanent fix so they will need to think about their next steps.

3. They will receive more calls

As more and more employees and guest users start their working day at the office they will realise the wireless isn’t working and begin to call your IT Manager, causing even more stress.

4. They will identify the issue

Your IT Manager soon realises that some staff members are connected to the internet and others are not. This has been happening on and off for a while now – it means there is a functioning wireless connection but it isn’t working effectively for everyone. The wireless provision is patchy and it needs sorting out, once and for all.

5. They need to extend or scrap their wireless provision

It has become clear that the company cannot continue as it has been, using second rate wireless connectivity that affects business continuity. Your IT Manager will know that they need to invest in extending the wireless provision or simply scrapping it and starting again.

6. They call in the experts

If your business wireless isn’t working properly it’s a good idea for your IT Manager to call in the experts. A specialist team will carry out a wireless survey by walking around the building identifying strong and weak areas of wireless connectivity. They will provide you with a heatmap, showing areas that need improvement and areas that are working efficiently. At that point your IT Manager can decide on the best solution for your company – to fix what’s there or to scrap it and start again. Getting to this point may have taken weeks, with employees struggling to get their work done and productivity affected during that time.

If your business wireless isn’t working properly, contact our team to find out how we can help. We can quickly assess your existing wireless infrastructure and advise on the best solution that meets your budget.

For more information about our Wireless Services please contact our Sales Team on 0845 11 66 257.

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