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Free WiFi for your business location

Last week we attended a fascinating event at Gilgamesh to celebrate the launch of free WiFi in Camden Stables Market in London. Purple WiFi, using Cisco Meraki, is the network platform for this initiative. Visitors to the area can now access free WiFi, in turn providing the market with incredibly valuable data from the network. Before a user even connects to the Purple WiFi network, retailers can see real-time data that shows where their potential customers are, how they’re moving around and the amount of time they are spending at any given location. This highlights heavy traffic areas and flags locations failing to engage as many visitors – data invaluable for future market planning.

When a shopper then signs-in via Facebook, retailers are granted access to insights into their life; brands ‘liked’, restaurants visited, musical tastes and so on. This enables them to deliver offers and discounts tailored to the customer as they browse, giving them what they want, at exactly the right time and in the right place. By combining retail monitoring with the online data trail that consumers leave behind, retailers are left with an incredibly powerful tool that will continue to develop as more devices become connected. Reconciling how shoppers behave online with what they do in shops enables businesses to gain the elusive single customer view, allowing them to accurately pinpoint what the customer is looking for and market to them based on that information.

Are you using a WiFi infrastructure to improve your business model. If not call The Cabling Company for more information.

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